Hi, I’m Precious. Yes, that is my real name. I was a nurse and a doctor from the Philippines, but I’m now an expat wife. Or should I say, a trailing spouse? (I am not one to be politically correct.) I enjoyed Seoul’s wonderful weather as a PhD student. Got married, moved to rural Korea, and a year later, moved to Belgium.

I started this blog mainly to document my adventures in South Korea. However, I had a crisis in identity and didn’t really know what to do with my extra time. It was very challenging to move to a rural area and find myself stuck as a housewife. I was pretty excited to be doing nothing after a decade of brutal schoolwork, but 3 months later, while washing dishes, I stared out my kitchen window and started crying. What am I if I’m not a medical professional? What have I done?!

Excuse me for sounding like a millennial snowflake, but I needed to find myself,ย Eat, Pray, Love style.

These days, this little space in the interwebs is where I rant, rave, and explore what I want to do with my life. Traveling has always been a great passion of mine, so why not write about it? Skincare products piqued my interest after rosacea wreaked havoc on my face while concurrently living in Korea, the world’s capital of skincare. Languages have also breathed life into my brain’s constant quest for knowledge. Why not study new languages while traveling? Why not do photography as a potential income-generating hobby?

There’s so much possibility for trailing spouses to better themselves. While we can’t necessarily work in some countries, I feel like we can startย new hobbies and hone old, neglected skills to help prepare us for the next country. Throwing away years of education and a glittering career to be known as Mrs. X, the wife of Mr. X, doesn’t sound pleasant, but looking at it through a half-full glass, it’s nice to have freedom to start over in life.

Welcome to my world!

P.S. Just in case you haven’t noticed, I actually DO NOT hate pink.