Yves Rocher Sensual Sugar Body Scrub Review

Yves Rocher Sensual Body Scrub in Coconut

I can be a bit dumb on certain situations, and trying out this scrub was when my stupidity truly shined.

After a week of not caring for my skin in the Brussels crazy weather, my keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin) was acting up, leaving me ugly red bumps on my arms. I knew I had to do something ASAP and picked up the Yves Rocher Sensual Sugar Body Scrub in Coconut.

I popped open the jar this morning, hopped into the shower and palmed some of the product on my wet skin. That was a huge mistake.

This scrub isn’t a coarse scrub suspended in oil. It is solid, waxy, with tiny sugar grains, and the only way to buff it into your skin is when said skin is fully dry. On wet skin, it just slides, feels gross, with the sugar grains quickly melting away before you actually had the chance to buff them in.

Barring that mistake, the Yves Rocher Coconut Sugar Body Scrub is actually a great mild scrub. You will not be able to scrub ‘til kingdom come with the tiny sugar particles, and in a way, that works out to your advantage by avoiding overscrubbing. The smell is wonderful, and it leaves your skin feeling soft. You do need to add more time buffing compared to an oil scrub to successfully heat up and melt the waxy substance, but the results are fantastic. After massaging the product onto your skin, it leaves it pretty oily until you wash it away.

Product straight from the jar
Before buffing
After working the product
After working the product

I would not recommend using this product on your face because the wax may clog your pores. I find good use for the product on peeling elbows and knees and targeted use on areas where you may have keratosis pilaris. It is also great for post-wax prevention of ingrown hair. As for a WHOLE body scrub, I still prefer Geomar’s amazing Thalasso Scrub. It is coarser, easier to use and works even on damp skin. Geomar’s scrub also doesn’t leave oily/waxy residue on your skin. (Overpriced Amazon link here.)

Overall, I rate this a 4/5.

Sold for 12.95 euros (5 fl. oz.) at Yves Rocher Toison d’Or.


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