Our special dog strikes again.

We got Porkchop May 31 last year; he has been a constant source of happiness since then. Our dog is clumsy, stubborn, but smart. This combination has led him to outwit the husband several times: climbing over the playpen wall and escaping, eating something he shouldn’t have eaten, relocating slippers on various occasions, etc. He (Porkchop, not the husband) enjoys doing naughty things, but is so very lovable that we can’t thoroughly punish him. I guess we are raising a special snowflake dog.

A photo of our dog exactly a year from now. Who can resist that face?

Amongst all the funny things he has done, my favorite thus far would be today’s fiasco. A little note about our dog: he likes showers, but is scared of pools of water. The bathtub is his mortal enemy.

Our house has a shallow pool on the rooftop. It’s more like a 6-person outdoor hot tub since it is raised above ground, but without the heat. I was trying to fill up the pool for the first time and gave up when the water reached an inch high. It was just taking too long!

Porkchop was right beside me, on the ledge, overlooking the undertaking like a slave driver. I was ready to go inside the house and called him to come. Of course, being a stubborn little shit, he simply ignored the command and proceeded to go down to the next lower ledge to survey the site. He got his paws wet, but didn’t go down to the actual pool with an inch of water.

Finally, he concluded that the pool was boring and tried to jump out to go inside the house with me. He jumped, and his wet back paws slipped from the lower ledge. His front paws were on the top ledge by then, gripping like his life depended on it. I knew something went wrong when his face suddenly registered a look of pure horror. He was slowly slipping down to the evil pool, but he was trying to hold on and lift himself up. He realized he couldn’t and was internally panicking, yet trying hard to stay still so he won’t fall.

porkchop falling
Porkchop trying his best to hold on to dear life. This is what I saw when I reached him.

I was trying so hard not to laugh. Failing that, I ran towards him. I lifted him out of his version of hell and saved the day. By the time I got to him, I was laughing hysterically and basically had no strength left to carry him up. I never claimed to be a good mother.

Porkchop, upon reaching safe ground, went inside the house and promptly threw up. Out of fear? Who knows.

I grabbed some cleaning supplies and wasn’t surprised to find out that he ate his vomit, leaving me 2 blades of grass to clean up. He eats the lawn grass sometimes.

That concludes today’s adventure with Porkchop. It’s one of the dog stories I know I’ll cherish forever.

Porkchop sleeping
A recent photo of Porkchop sleeping.

I love our dog.


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